[Faculty] Passing of George Edgar Slusser

James E Grant jr james.grant at ucr.edu
Fri Nov 7 10:26:17 PST 2014

To the UCR Community, with condolences:

RIVERSIDE, Calif. - George Edgar Slusser, whose determination to develop the study of science fiction as an academic discipline led to the growth in size, scope and international reputation of UC Riverside's Eaton Collection of Science Fiction & Fantasy, died Nov. 4 at his home in Highland, Calif. He was 75.

Dr. Slusser, curator emeritus of the Eaton Collection and professor emeritus of comparative literature, joined the UCR Library in 1979 and, beginning in 1991, held a joint position as professor of comparative literature until his retirement in 2005. Under his leadership the collection - formally known as the J. Lloyd Eaton Collection of Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, and Utopian Literature - grew from 7,500 volumes to the internationally renowned collection it is today, a collection that includes books, journals, fanzines, comic books, authors' manuscripts, media and memorabilia. He taught the first courses in science fiction studies at UCR and originated the Eaton Conference, which he chaired for more than 20 years. The conference drew - and still draws - scholars from around the world.

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