[Faculty] Grading Reminders for In-Process Courses

Liz Alday liz.alday at ucr.edu
Fri Mar 12 09:34:24 PST 2021

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Dear UCR Instructor,
As the Winter 2021 quarter draws to a close, we wanted to provide a couple of reminders for any instructors teaching a course that is graded on an In-Progress (IP) basis. If you are not teaching an IP course this term, please disregard this message.
For students who have completed the term's work, but have not yet completed the full sequence of courses, please assign the grade "IP". An incomplete ("I") grade is not the appropriate mark in this scenario. The provisional "IP" grade remains on the student's record until the full course sequence is completed and graded. At that time, our office will update all courses in the sequence to reflect the final grade during our end-of-term processes.
For students who have completed the full sequence of courses, please submit letter or S/NC grades as applicable. Our office will update previous "IP" grades from the sequence with this grade during our end-of-term processes.
As a reminder, all grades for the quarter should be submitted via iGrade <http://igrade.ucr.edu> by 5:00pm on Tuesday, March 23.
For any questions regarding IP grading, please contact Liz Alday (liz.alday at ucr.edu<mailto:liz.alday at ucr.edu>), in the Office of the Registrar. Otherwise, no replies to this message are necessary.
The Office of the Registrar

R1.5 (https://senate.ucr.edu/bylaws/?action=read_bylaws&code=r&section=01)
"For a course extending over more than one term, where evaluation of the student's performance is deferred until the end of the final term, provisional grades of IP (in progress) shall be assigned in the intervening terms. Neither units nor grade points shall be assigned for IP grades. The provisional grades shall be replaced by the final grade if the student completes the full sequence. In the event that the full sequence is not completed, the grade IP will be replaced by the grade I and further changes in the student's record will be subject to the conditions of R1.4."

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