[Msoadm] Winter 2021 Faculty iGrade Communication 03-03 Reminder

Liz Alday liz.alday at ucr.edu
Wed Mar 3 16:30:16 PST 2021

Your assistance in assuring that all instructors in your unit are aware of the availability of iGrade as well as its associated deadlines for grade submission would be greatly appreciated. In particularly, visiting faculty and lecturers who may not be regular users of the campus web mail account, may not receive or regularly review Scotmail and could benefit from a reminder from you.

Dear UCR Faculty,

The Winter 2021 quarter is coming to a close and iGrade will open for grade submission on Monday, March 8th, 2021. Grades for the term are due by 5:00 PM on Tuesday, March 23rd, 2021. We appreciate your assistance in submitting grades in a timely manner prior to the deadline.  If rosters are not submitted by the Tuesday, March 23rd, 2021 deadline, grades will be marked with a GD for "Grade Delay".  This notation can disrupt academic advising, financial aid disbursement, the graduation process, transcript requests and other administrative aspects of students' academic progress, often prompting them to contact instructors directly for resolution.


*         If you have your grades in Excel, you can load your grades directly from Excel to iGrade.
*         iGrade is generally available ALL weekend for grade submission.

**Extension Students - iGrade includes grade submission for University Extension students who are enrolled via the concurrent enrollment process. Please note a secondary tab labeled View Extension Students will provide a listing of registered Extension students in your course.  Grades should be inputted and submitted in the same manner as UCR campus-based student grades.  Any questions regarding concurrent enrollment or University Extension grading, please contact Michael Heisser-Hunter, at mheisserhunter at ucx.ucr.edu<mailto:mheisserhunter at ucx.ucr.edu> x2-1636 or 951-827-1636 from off campus.

Winter 2021 Submission Calendar

iGrade is available
Monday January 4th  at 8:00 am
Grade submission opens
Monday, March 8th  (10th week)
Grade submission deadline
Tuesday, March 23rd at 5:00 pm

Need assistance with iGrade?
Not sure how to use it?

Visit the website at

If you have any questions about iGrade or you need assistance, please contact Liz Alday at
liz.alday at ucr.edu<mailto:liz.alday at ucr.edu>

Liz Alday
Student Records Assistant
900 University Avenue
2249 Student Services Building | Riverside, CA 92521-0118
Office: 951.827.5978 | Fax: 951.827.7368
E-mail: lizald at ucr.edu<mailto:lizald at ucr.edu> | Web: registrar.ucr.edu<http://www.my.ucr.ucr.edu/>
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