[Students] Important updates to UCR’s COVID-19 building notification process

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Fri Jan 21 16:24:54 PST 2022

Dear Students:

UC Riverside is updating the building notification process that is used when COVID-19 cases are reported on the UCR campus.

Information about all reported cases will be updated daily on the Campus Return website: https://campusreturn.ucr.edu/dashboards. Signage with QR codes directing to this website will be posted in all buildings.

Building-specific information will be posted near clock in/out stations for student workers, and kept up-to-date by supervisors. Case-specific building notices will no longer be produced.

All students are strongly encouraged to check this information daily to stay informed about COVID-19 conditions at UCR.

Ken Baerenklau, Associate Provost
On behalf of the UCR COVID-19 Coordinating Committee

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