[Students] Expiration of COVID-19 Temporary Senate Regulations

Bracken Janette Dailey bracken.dailey at ucr.edu
Wed Jun 15 14:44:45 PDT 2022

Dear UCR Student,

In Spring 2020, as a direct result of the impacts of COVID-19, the UCR Academic Senate approved temporary changes to academic regulations related to the timing of the assignment of Withdrawal (W) grades and to Satisfactory/No Credit (S/NC) courses counting toward the one-third limit of total UC units permitted for any undergraduate degree. Beginning Summer 2022, these temporary regulation changes will expire and both policies will revert back to pre-pandemic regulations.

Pre-pandemic Policies:

*     R1.1.4 A student may drop a course without prior approval no later than the end of the second full week of instruction. From the third through the sixth full week of instruction, a course may be dropped with the approval of the advisor. Any course drop which would reduce the undergraduate student's academic load to less than 12 units must be approved by the Dean.

*     R1.1.5 A course dropped after the end of the second full week of instruction will remain as a permanent transcript entry showing course number and title, with a transcript symbol of W, signifying withdrawal, entered in the grade column.

*     R1.2.2 Students enrolled in any undergraduate degree program may receive credit for courses undertaken and graded S on the Riverside campus to a limit of one-third of the total units undertaken and passed on the Riverside campus at the time the degree is awarded. Units completed on another campus of the University by a Riverside undergraduate student enrolled as an intercampus visitor are considered Riverside work for the purposes of this regulation.

The Academic Calendar<https://registrar.ucr.edu/calendar#last_day_to> has been updated to reflect the correct deadlines for your reference. These academic policies did not have an impact on the refund schedule<https://registrar.ucr.edu/tuition-fees/refunds>. Please ensure to review the refund schedule and speak to your financial aid counselor, if you are on aid, to understand the financial impacts of any decision.

If you have any questions regarding the expiration of the temporary COVID Senate regulations, please reach out to your advisor.

Thank you

BRACKEN DAILEY (Pronouns: She/Her)
Office of the Registrar
University of California, Riverside
900 University Avenue
2249 Student Services Building
Riverside, CA 92521

Office: (951) 827-3427 | Email: Bracken.Dailey at ucr.edu<mailto:Bracken.Dailey at ucr.edu>
Website: Registrar.ucr.edu<https://registrar.ucr.edu/>

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