[Faculty] Grants for Academic Integration of Education Abroad – due July 30

Vpia vpia at ucr.edu
Thu Jul 14 15:06:58 PDT 2022

Dear Faculty Colleagues,
Less than 2% of UCR undergraduate students participate in Education Abroad as part of their UCR degree. We want to increase that number and we need your help!

To increase access and participation, UCR needs to reduce some of the barriers, like those challenges faced during academic planning.

By embedding Education Abroad into major planning, our campus (and your department) sends a message to students that Education Abroad is possible for them.

The Provost’s office is dedicating funds to support Academic Integration grants for academic departments. Application details are outlined in the attached document and available on our website<https://international.ucr.edu/news/2022/07/14/2022-grants-academic-integration-education-abroad>.

The deadline to submit your grant application is July 30.

With or without the grant, we encourage all academic departments to include Education Abroad as part of their major planning.

If you have questions, contact lasharon.perez at ucr.edu<mailto:lasharon.perez at ucr.edu>.

Thank you,
The Education Abroad Team  -  Jun Wang, LaSharon McLean Perez, Macy J. Ring, and Rob McKee
[cid:image001.png at 01D89793.5C24C550]<https://international.ucr.edu/abroad>

Thank you,
Marko Princevac
Vice Provost of International Affairs
Professor of Mechanical Engineering
900 University Avenue
Skye Hall 321
Riverside, CA 92521
Phone:  +1 951 827-5054
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