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Tue May 31 14:12:09 PDT 2022

Dear Colleagues,
Final exams begin on Saturday, June 4, and it appears likely that the current trend of increasing COVID-19 cases-both nationally and in Riverside County-will continue at least through finals week. As was announced recently, UCR has returned to required indoor masking from Monday May 30 through Monday June 13. Although this will help reduce the chance of the virus spreading on campus and impacting final exams, below are some additional recommendations for Spring quarter instructors.

  *   Instructors should anticipate higher-than-normal numbers of students reporting illness and isolation requirements during finals week.
  *   Instructors should notify their students in advance of their policy for students who are unable to take a final exam due to illness.
  *   Students who test positive for COVID-19 and report the result through the COVID Screening Check<http://screeningcheck.ucr.edu/> can obtain a "COVID Awareness Letter" from Student Health Services. Instructors may request a copy of the letter from the student for purposes of verification including the required isolation period.
  *   Instructors are not obligated to offer a make-up or online final exam for students who do not complete the normal in-person final exam for a course.
  *   Recently updated COVID-related guidance for instructors can be found here: https://campusreturn.ucr.edu/what-expect-instructors.
  *   As a reminder, the grade I (incomplete) denotes that a student's work was of passing quality but incomplete for good cause. When a course graded I has not been successfully completed within one additional quarter, it will be replaced by a grade of F or by NC if the course was undertaken on an S/NC basis. [UCR Senate Regulation 01.04<https://senate.ucr.edu/regulations/section/513/01>]
Our sincere thanks to each of you for everything you have done for more than two years to continue our instructional mission under very challenging circumstances.
Elizabeth Watkins
Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor
Jason Stajich
Chair of the Divisional Senate
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