[Msoadm] Early Biweekly Timesheet Deadlines

Bobbi A McCracken bobbi.mccracken at ucr.edu
Fri May 21 12:22:02 PDT 2021

Dear Colleagues,

With the upcoming Memorial Day Holiday, early timesheet deadlines for the pay period ending 5/29/21 are necessary. In order to meet the payroll submission requirements, the following adjustments to the cut-off dates are required to allow for the prompt and accurate payment of biweekly employees.

For the Biweekly Pay Period 05/16/21 - 05/29/21

  *   Biweekly employees are asked to project hours worked (or leave taken) from Friday 5/28/2021 - Saturday 5/29/2021 and submit timesheets to supervisors by 11:00 PM on Thursday, 5/27/2021.
  *   Supervisors are asked to approve timesheets by 11:00 PM on Friday, 5/28/2021.
  *   Although information will be provided to biweekly paid employees and supervisors within the TARS system and through the TARs reminders, departments are asked to ensure their biweekly paid employees and supervisors are aware of the adjusted due dates.
  *   Note: Time clock users do not have the ability to project hours worked. Employees can continue to clock in/out up until the end of this pay period (5/29/2021). Supervisors will be required to approve these timesheets by Tuesday, 06/1/2021 at 10:00 AM.

If adjustments to the projected time are necessary, supervisors should coordinate with their Shared Services Center or initiate a correction using the TARS "prior pay period adjustment" functionality. A user guide is available for supervisors to assist with processing prior pay period adjustments: https://bfs.ucr.edu/sites/g/files/rcwecm751/files/2020-05/tars_prior_pay_period_adj_guide_final.pdf

Please direct questions to timesheetfeedback at ucr.edu<mailto:timesheetfeedback at ucr.edu> .  Thank you for your assistance in meeting these cut-off dates.


Bobbi McCracken
Associate Vice Chancellor and Controller
Business & Financial Services

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