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TO:                  UCRFS Users and UC Path Users

FROM:            Stephanie Flores, Executive Director
                        Financial Planning and Analysis

DATE:            June 1, 2022

RE:                 Fiscal Year 2022-23 VACATION LEAVE ACCRUAL RATES

The following assessment rates were established to cover Vacation Leave Accrual effective July 1, 2022:

  *   VLA Employee Group 2 (Accruing Staff/Non-Faculty Academic): 7.00%

  *   VLA Employee Group 3 (FY Faculty): 6.00%

The current greater use of vacation leave is impacting rates after a temporary usage decrease due to COVID and other leave options available. Charges will continue to be based on an assessment against actual payroll activity and will be reflected in account number 600200 for VLA Employee Group 2 and 400210 for VLA Employee Group 3 in the same Activity-Fund-Function combination in which payroll activity occurred.

If you have any questions, please contact Financial Planning & Analysis at budgetoffice at ucr.edu<mailto:budgetoffice at ucr.edu>.
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