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TO:                  Campus Financial Staff

FROM:            Stephanie Flores, Executive Director
                        Financial Planning and Analysis

DATE:            June 1, 2022

RE:                 Fiscal Year 2022-23 GENERAL LIABILITY and EMPLOYMENT PRACTICES INSURANCE ASSESSMENT RATES for both the General Campus (Location 5) and Location N

The following assessment rates have been established to fund the General Liability (GL) and Employment Practice (EP) Insurance Programs for the General Campus effective July 1, 2022:

GL Assessment

EP Assessment

Location 5 (SAU 0)

     All Funds



General Liability and Employment Practices

With the implementation of UC Path, UCR was no longer permitted to have two separate GL & EP rates for the General Campus and for Location N.  Both locations will now be charged the rates above.  Additionally, UC Path only allows for 2 decimal places and so the rates were rounded to accommodate that new requirement.

Charges will continue to be based upon an assessment against actual payroll activity and will be reflected in account number 780220 for General Liability and 780210 for Employment Practices in the same Activity-Fund-Function combination in which payroll activity occurred.  These charges may not be moved to a different Activity-Fund-Function.

Please note that actual charges are calculated by applying the applicable assessment rate against salaries and wages payable associated with all EARN codes except the following:

            Vacation Related (TRM, V8N, V9N, VLA, VAC, VC8, VC9, VCN)

            Sick Leave Related (SLA)

            Comp Time Related (CTA)

            Staff Recognition and Development (SRD)

            Other (BYH, ERT, FEL, FEN, NCA, PDE, RPS, RPT, SAB, WOS)

Assessments related to Federal Government, State Government, Local Government, and Private Contracts and Grants will continue to be charged against centrally held indirect cost recovery funds.

If you have any questions, please contact budgetoffice at ucr.edu<mailto:budgetoffice at ucr.edu>
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