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Dear UCR Community,

The upcoming national, state, and local elections are just days away. While this has been a contentious election season, we must remember that elections are more than a chance to voice our political preferences.

Elections are also opportunities for us to reaffirm a commitment to treating one another with respect and honoring one another's well-being, even when we disagree on candidates or issues. We must stay true to these values if our democracy is to function and our communities are to thrive.
It is important to remember that as a public institution, there are laws and policies that prohibit the university from endorsing or contributing to political candidates or using university resources for campaign purposes in connection with ballot propositions.
Resources and information related to advocacy are available at https://gcr.ucr.edu/.
Additionally, elections can elicit strong feelings of excitement for some and anxiety for others.

The outcomes may be a source of elation, disappointment or both. Be engaged, stay informed and, when the voting is over, please stay magnanimous toward others and hopeful that even though the future is unknown, it will be a better one if we build it together with compassion and mutual respect.

Students who need professional and confidential mental health support, contact UC Riverside's Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)<https://counseling.ucr.edu/> at 951-827-5531. CAPS offers free services to all UC Riverside students.

For additional questions about student resources, contact vcsa at ucr.edu<mailto:vcsa at ucr.edu>.

Staff and faculty can contact the Faculty and Staff Assistance Program<https://hr.ucr.edu/employee-resources/faculty-and-staff-assistance-program> at 951-781-0510 or 800-266-0510 for confidential counseling, referral, or other resources.

Best Regards,

Brian L. Haynes<https://profiles.ucr.edu/app/home/profile/bhaynes>
Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs

Thomas M. Smith<https://profiles.ucr.edu/app/home/profile/tomsmith>
Interim Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor
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