[Students] UCR Highlanders in our Local Community

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Thu Apr 14 15:35:24 PDT 2022

Dear Highlanders,

As you continue to settle into Spring Quarter, many of you are busy adjusting to in person courses and keeping your eye on the completion of the academic year. The exciting opportunity to connect with each other in-person also presents the ability to gather. There are a variety of opportunities to gather on campus. These dynamics are all part of the college experience.  While many of you are engaging on campus, there will be many of you engaging within the local community off campus.

I want to remind you that no matter where you go, you are a Highlander and a UC Riverside student. After two years of studying and working through the pandemic, it is exciting to be able to connect with one another and gather again. It is also important to remember that our neighbors live, work and move through the community just like you. I ask that you be mindful that your actions can affect our neighbor's quality of life. If you decide to gather, please do so responsibly and safely. We want you to have a great experience but we also want to ensure that our local community members feel respected and safe. All of our actions in the community can impact our neighbors.

As we advance through this academic year, I am confident that you will represent our campus with consideration, grace and demonstrate that our neighbors in the community of Riverside can be proud to be affiliated with the UC Riverside. As a resource and a reminder to be a good neighbor, I ask that you view this short clip (https://youtu.be/oAOpGMEGirY) on the subject and remember that you are the greatest assets we have to offer this community. You are a UCR Highlander no matter where you go! We are proud of you and it is a privilege to be working, living and learning alongside each one of you. I wish you much success this academic year.

Best Regards,

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Christine Mata, Ph.D.
Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs
Dean of Students

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