[Students] ASUCR Announcements for the Week of 2/13

Brendan OBrien brendan.obrien at ucr.edu
Wed Feb 15 14:45:18 PST 2023


Hi, Highlanders!

My name is Elizabeth Trinh and I am pleased to be serving as your 2022-2023 Elections Director for the Associated Students of UCR Riverside (ASUCR). In preparation for the spring voting season, the Elections Committee is currently seeking members for the upcoming school year. The Committee takes on the role of facilitating fair elections and maximizing student voter participation. It’s also a great way to get involved on campus and be more hands-on in your student government!

I highly encourage you all to apply and get involved! More information can be found in the application, but feel free to directly contact me at etrin016 at ucr.edu. I look forward to working with everyone!

Elections Committee Application<https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSe9JyXl8mo7MPwk_5QQ7gGMHoLLNAnMNbkFAGrVY-9sYjOWJw/viewform?usp=pp_url>

Elizabeth Trinh


Hello Highlanders!

Highlander Action Committee Applications are now open! The committee serves to promote student activism at UCR by organizing and supporting grassroots projects and initiatives. Our mission aims to create coalitions with student programs & campus organizations, as well as community nonprofits to take action on a wide range of student, community, and system-wide issues, highlighting campaigns like Racial Justice Now, SEED, and UCweVote.

We currently have two open positions (Programming Coordinator, and Social Media Coordinator). You can also become a general member and support the committee :). We meet weekly and our application can be found at: Board Member Application<https://forms.gle/6EFSUw9h88a1XBH19> / Committee Member Application<https://forms.gle/3vpodvp4CJgA9WQ66>. The deadline for executive positions: February 17th, 2023 at 11:59 pm. (THERE IS NO DEADLINE FOR GENERAL MEMBERSHIP!)

Our general meetings will be every Monday from 7PM-8PM on ZOOM LINK for HAC Weekly Meetings (will be used throughout winter quarter)<https://ucr.zoom.us/j/92440660827>

Lastly, please join our GroupMe HERE<https://web.groupme.com/join_group/87987272/xBtLrD2V> (https://web.groupme.com/join_group/87987272/xBtLrD2V) to keep in touch with all committee happenings and your fellow members! Drop a hello and brief introduction, and feel free to contact us if you need any help navigating the platform. Also, follow us on Instagram @ucrhac for all the latest updates and event notices!


ASUCR INVITATION: Join Us For This Wednesday's Senate Meeting

Happy Week 6 Highlanders!

Please join us for our 6th Senate Meeting<https://docs.google.com/document/d/18AehjD64L6oot4Mv7zs-Bm-YWYEQqs75yWhzjqYrNms/edit?usp=share_link> of Winter '23, this Wednesday (Feb. 15), at 7:00pm in the ASUCR Senate Chambers (HUB 221)! For more information about the previous Senate Meeting, please refer to this link<https://docs.google.com/document/d/1MO7vDEt6yO3s-JiK_r2XvQIkYEGF6CXxEFvL4snYWi0/edit?usp=share_link>.

If you would like to voice a concern to ASUCR or speak during this week's meeting, please fill out this sign-up sheet<https://forms.gle/GgkVnt4Ww1S7TKHZ6> before the Senate Meeting! Feel to reach out if you have any questions!


Myra Usmani (she/her/hers)
Executive Vice President
asucrevp at ucr.edu

BRENDAN O'BRIEN (he/him/his)

Assistant Dean of Students and Director, Highlander Union Building (HUB Operations)

Interim Executive Director, Associated Students of UCR

University of California, Riverside

900 University Ave.

HUB 353

Riverside, CA 92521

Phone: (951) 827-7859  |  Email: brendan.obrien at ucr.edu<mailto:brendan.obrien at ucr.edu>

Website: hub.ucr.edu | Twitter: @ucrhub


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