[Students] NOTICE: R'Web Portal Maintenance

UCR Information Technology Solutions its at ucr.edu
Mon Oct 19 10:31:05 PDT 2020

Dear Students, 


Please be advised that the R'Web portal is currently experiencing an
unexpected service outage. As a result, you will be redirected to a support
webpage that contains links to your portal tools and resources. This page
can be accessed by visiting rweb.ucr.edu <http://rweb.ucr.edu/> . Please
note that you will be asked to authenticate your identity via UCR single
sign-on if you are attempting to access a secure resource.  


This is an interim solution until R'Web portal services can be restored. For
updates on the status of this system, please visit techalerts.ucr.edu
<https://techalerts.ucr.edu/> . 


We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your
patience as we work diligently to get system services restored. 


Enabling Your Continued Success, 


Information Technology Solutions

University of California, Riverside

 <https://its.ucr.edu/> ITS.UCR.EDU


If you require technical support, please take one of the following actions: 

.       Submit a support ticket
e0f348300138942bce1050e8b>  if you need to report a problem to BearHelp  

.       Submit a request
<https://ucrsupport.service-now.com/ucr_portal?id=ucr_sc_home>  for
software, hardware, or a service enhancement 

.       Browse the ITS Knowledgebase
00a2e983dcb3990e7b>  for self-help articles 


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